About Us

Demo Entertainment Group (DEG) is a full-service company designed to provide avenues for potential clients to advance their career. With a focus on becoming an influential force in the music entertainment industry, we at DEG concentrate on music, media, merchandising, and branding for our clients. The company aspires to become the most influential force in the music entertainment industry, as well as position itself as a global marketing phenomenon.

The company is comprised of three main components:

artist-management 03 DEG Artist Management & Development is an entity that provides management and development services to build commercial success for artists and musicians. “WE MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!” Our primary goal as communicators on behalf of the client is to move careers forward.

Soundchecksocial.com is an online music/video review & promotion company specializing in providing aspiring singers, rappers, bands, and songwriters of various genres professional critiques of their music/videos, also giving them a chance to get to the next level.

productions 03 DEG Productions is an educational platform to expand industry knowledge and career development about the business of music and entertainment through workshops, conferences, events, networking gatherings for students, artists, musicians, producers, managers, publicists, sound engineers, and executive professionals.


Artist Service Sector gives musicians the luxury of having access to everything needed in one location and production of a quality product due to our network of qualified and reputable professionals. We can provide the following services: song writing and editing, instrumentals, recording, mixing, post production, photography, image consultation, web and graphic design, radio play, music videos, and electronic press kits, CD pressing, digital distribution, video game encoding, download cards, t-shirts, and much more. Demo Entertainment Group is currently working to expand our network in other regions.

Demo Entertainment Group's Independent Music Label is centered on creating a partnership with our artists that allows us to work closely together to create and sustain artistic and commercial success. We employ a strategy that is based upon a desire to be fully aligned with our artists in every facet of their careers. Establishing artist services capabilities has allowed us to broaden the conventional artist relationship to one that better supports the artists on our roster. By expanding the range of resources we offer, we create closer and more fruitful partnerships centered on long-term artist development.